Too Much Can Sometimes Mean That -Too Much.

Boredom and clutter leading causes of ‘unliking’ brands on Facebook

There are two things guaranteed to make a Facebook Fan’s finger hover over the ‘unlike’ button on a brand’s Page – sharing information they find uninteresting and posting too often – according to a new study from DDB Paris and OpinionWay.

by Helen Leggatt
Boredom and clutter are Fan killers, found the study. While almost half of respondents said they ‘unliked’ a brand because it no longer interested them almost as many (46%) did so because “the information available was not interesting”.

Meanwhile, around a third of respondents were unhappy with the number of brand posts cluttering their newsfeed saying that “the information was published too often”. Few (14%) thought brands should publish more.
So we can see that the laws of relevance and frequency apply just as much to marketing in a social environment as it does elsewhere.

“The findings show consumer and brand usage of Facebook is still in its adolescence. There definitely has been a learning curve,” said Sebastien Genty, Planning Director at DDB Paris.
“No brand can afford to be blinded by technology and forget the basics of interaction with consumers. The teachings of our founder Bill Bernbach remain very relevant today. Always behave with respect for the consumer, recognizing that brands are ultimately in the hands of the consumers, not marketers.”

Earlier this year a survey from ExactTarget and CoTweet revealed that for two-thirds of Facebook users “excessive postings” by a brand caused them to hit the ‘unlike’ button.

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