If you are silence about your business, your business will be silence about you.

Marketing Through Massive Visibility

marketing through massive visibilityWe live in a world where our potential clients and customers are barraged with thousands and thousands of ads every single day. The competition is fierce, the climate is noisy and it’s not going to lighten up any time soon.
So how can a small business owner, on a shoestring budget, even compete? The answer is simple: repetition through massive visibility.
Research suggests that we are exposed to over 4,000 ads each day. As a result of “advertising overload”, our brains are forced to filter out and ignore most of these ads. Plus, let’s face it, most of the advertising we encounter is just a caberet of bedlam and babble that doesn’t even apply to us.
But, all of this is great news for the savvy shoestring marketer.
Each time your prospect catches sight of your brand, their filter becomes weaker until finally, your marketing message has broken through. But, it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, your prospect needs to see your marketing message, on average, between twelve and twenty-four times.
How do you ensure that your prospects come into contact with you and your brand over and over again? First and foremost, you need to ensure that you and your brand are everywhere. You must become so visible that your prospects can’t ignore you.
You should become an active participant in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Dedicate time each day to blogging, podcasting or video marketing. Send out online newsletters and host monthly teleseminars.
I signed up a new customer last week and here’s the interesting part.  She read my blog, watched my videos, friended me on Facebook and followed me on Twitter for one full year before she decided to sign up for my free Shoestring Marketing Kit. I did some quick math and figured that, over the course of that year, she was exposed to my brand thousands of times through my status updates, blog posts, videos, podcasts and ezine issues.
Obviously, she took longer than usual to make the commitment to purchase my products and services. But, she let me know that one of the main reasons that she joined forces with me was because she “saw me everywhere.”
So, make an effort to get yourself out in front of your target market as much as possible. It’s the only way to break through all the noise clamoring endlessly for your prospects’ attention.


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